Join our newly-wed customers who saved hundreds on the big day buying their wedding wines in Calais. Even if your venue charges 'corkage', the savings you can make by shopping in France usually make us by far the best value option.

Why Choose Majestic Wine Calais for your Wedding?

  • Fantastic prices - prices start from £1.99 a bottle, with many wines at least £4 cheaper than the best Majestic UK price
  • Big savings - £10 off every £150 when you Click, Collect & Save
  • Travel discounts - option for FREE Eurotunnel crossing and ferry crossing discounts with P&O Ferries
  • FREE - tastings at your local Majestic UK store before you Click, Collect & Save
  • FREE - tasting in Calais with a huge number of wines open on our tasting counter
  • FREE - glass loan, ice bucket and chiller bin hire from your local Majestic UK store
  • Wedding experience - expert advice on food matching and quantities
  • No upper limit: the more you spend, the more you save

What wine?

Choosing the perfect wedding wines isn't as hard as you may think. The most important thing is to choose wines you and your partner both really enjoy and are good value.

It's often worth considering the corkage option when hiring a venue for a wedding – a competitive exchange rate coupled with Majestic's great range can often improve on the venue's house wines and save money. For example, if a house wine costs £17 a bottle but corkage would be £10 a bottle, you can spend up to £7 a bottle at Majestic – and almost certainly improve the quality of the wine you offer.

The Arrival & Toast

At Majestic we're real sparkling specialists and always include a wide range of fantastic fizzes on amazing offers.

A standard sized bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine (75cl) will provide 6 flutes. For a wedding reception or toast you'll need 2-3 glasses per person.

Consider using a big-name Champagne for toasts and a more cost-effective, great tasting sparkling wine for welcome drinks or further drinking.

The Meal & Party

Here you are ideally looking for versatile wines that broadly match the food and are good crowd pleasers. This way you will steer clear of obvious food and wine clashes and appeal to a wider audience at the same time. Check out these suggestions.

As a general rule, allow half a bottle per person then add a margin for safety.

A standard sized bottle of wine (75cl) will provide 6 small wine glasses (125ml). So one case of wine (12 bottles) will provide 72 glasses.

Preferences for red and white wines are usually evenly split, but be aware of seasonal variations (in warmer weather allow for more white than red, and vice versa in the winter) and don't forget about rosé!

To avoid cracking out the calculator, use our nifty Wedding Drinks Calculator below.

Wedding Drinks Calculator

Use our wedding drinks calculator to make a quick estimate of how many bottles you’ll need for your big day.

To work it out you'll need a rough idea of how many people you're catering for and we can recommend how much wine, fizz and beer you can expect each person to drink. We add a 10% contingency and round up to the nearest box.

Please enter your guest count
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FREE wedding tastings with Majestic UK

The benefit of shopping with Majestic Wine Calais is, of course, that we have a national network of stores in the UK who all stock the whole Calais range (bar a small number of Calais exclusives). Not only can you find many of these wines open to taste on the Tasting Counter any day of the week, but they can offer tailored wedding tastings which can help direct you to find the wines on sale in Calais and pick your favourites.

Expert advice on the best wines for you from our WSET qualified staff

Recommendations based on your taste, food menu, budget and number of guests

Our expert store staff can help you put together a selection of bottles to take home and try with your friends and family - a wedding wine tasting is one of the perks of wedding planning! Once you’ve chosen you can Click, Collect & Save online or order by phone with Majestic Calais

You only have one big day - at Majestic Wine Calais we appreciate that you want everything to be perfect, and that includes the drinks! A tasting at your local Majestic UK store will give you confidence in your choices, while our duty free prices will be easy on your budget!

See our Tastings in the UK page for information on how to book a tasting

FREE Wine Tasting in Calais

We also have large tasting counters at both our Calais and Coquelles stores.

Don't worry, if you fancy making a swap after tasting a different wine you can still keep your Click, Collect & Save discount.

When To Place Your Wedding Order

  • Click, Collect & Save online or order by phone as far in advance as you wish
  • When you Click, Collect & Save your order is reserved and prices are guaranteed
  • Choose a collection day in the online checkout that fits around your travel plans
  • Pay in-store when you collect your order in Calais

FREE glass, ice bucket and chiller bin hire with Majestic UK

We also have large tasting counters at both our Calais and Coquelles stores.

All we ask for is a deposit, payable in advance

Other than breakages, the deposit is fully refundable

After you’ve placed your Majestic Calais pre-order online, please contact us and we can arrange reserving the quantities and dates you require from your local Majestic UK store. Or if you place your order over the phone, we can arrange it at the same time.

It’s important to reserve the glasses, ice buckets and chill bins you want with plenty of notice when you place your pre-order. While all Majestic UK stores stock large quantities of these, in busy periods and for large orders these can be subject to availability. Contact us to confirm availability for your required quantities and dates when you are placing a pre-order.

You'll need to collect the glasses from your local Majestic store in the UK and return them clean and ready for re-use.

Our two stores in France, Calais and Coquelles, do not offer ice bucket, chiller bin or glass hire.

FREE Sale-and-Return

If by some miracle you have some wine left after your wedding we offer a free sale and return service. Duty laws unfortunately mean that you will have to return the wine to Calais, but there is no limit to how much you can return, provided it is in a saleable condition.

Collecting your wedding order from Majestic Calais

Travel Discounts

Eurotunnel - Click & Collect over £400 and we'll book a FREE Eurotunnel crossing for you. Find out more.

Car Capacity and Customs

Private parties count as 'personal use' so there are no customs limits - bring back as much as you like! Find out how much your car can carry here.

Collect from Calais or Coquelles

We have two conveniently located stores in France: Calais and Coquelles. Our Calais store is 5 minutes from the port and 10 minutes from the Tunnel. Our Coquelles store is 5 mins from the Tunnel. Unfortunately, Coquelles is closed until further notice.

If you are collecting a large order we advise that you collect from the Calais store as this store has a designated loading bay and more space to make your collection as quick and painless as possible.

Opening Times

We are open in Calais and Coquelles 7 days a week, including UK and French public holidays. Check out our store and customer services opening times here.


When you Click, Collect & Save online or order by phone we do not take any payment details - you pay in-store when you collect your order in Calais. We quote prices in Sterling based on a fixed exchange rate in store. Card transactions are processed in Euros and converted back to Sterling at your card issuer's daily rate, which may differ from ours. To be sure of what you are paying, we advise paying by cash or cheque.

Delivery for Weddings In France

We offer delivery to Commercial and private addresses in France through Mondial Relay or TNT Express.

After you’ve placed your Click & Collect order online, please contact us and we’ll arrange delivery at a time to suit you. Or if you prefer to order by phone, we can arrange delivery at the same time.

Find out more here.

Need more advice? Send us a quick message - we reply to everyone within 24 hours on [email protected]

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